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Tattoo, SPMU and Hair Removal

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My name is Sarah and I am based in Sixth Circle Tattoo and Piercing Lounge, in the heart of Welwyn Garden City Town Centre - 20 Church Road, AL8 6PS, England.

I am fully trained and insured in all your laser requirements including tattoo and hair removal and thrive on keeping up to date with the latest information and technology to help clients as much as possible.

At The Laser Room, I believe that clients and their individual needs must come first. You are more than welcome to book a free consultation for any tattoo removal, semi permanent makeup or hair removal. If you are unsure on any treatments I offer, you can always pop in for a chat. 

I pride myself in having a welcoming, hygienic and comfortable environment to cater for all your needs. I do my upmost to get to know my clients and work with them to find the right treatment for every concern you might have. 

As I am based in a tattoo studio, I also work closely with the artists to give you the best advice about tattoo's and cover ups before and after you have completed the laser sessions.

We also have wheelchair access in the studio. 

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Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo


Laser tattoo removal involves the use of a laser to break down the colour pigments within a tattoo. This is then removed naturally by the body and the removal continues after each session.

I am able to help with the removal of tattoos on any area of the body, whatever the size including the facial area.

I work closely with each client to understand exactly what they’re looking for and how I can help towards these results.

A patch test will be completed before the treatment goes ahead to ensure there is no allergic reactions or any extreme side effects occur.


Hair removal can achieve long lasting or permanent hair reduction.

To achieve this it is necessary to destroy the hair follicle from which individual hairs grow. 

Hair grows in three different cycles, and the permanent hair reduction can only successfully treat hair during its growth stage. Therefore, it is often necessary to undergo a course of 6-8 treatments ensuring that you leave at least 6-8 weeks between each session initially, and then only repeat as and when the hair returns.

The AW3 crystal freeze super IPL hair removal machine i use, provides proven safe and effective long-term removal of unwanted hair.

A patch test will be completed before the treatment goes ahead to ensure there is no allergic reactions or any extreme side effects occur.

Laser Hair Removal
Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal


I offer a wide variety of skin rejuvenation treatments. This includes non invasive laser and IPL facials, thread vein, pigmentation and sun spots removals. 

I also provide semi permanent makeup removal by using the laser machine and can help remove unwanted microblading or tattooed eyebrows as well as lip liner. 

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me either through email, what’s app, social media or you can pop into the studio.

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